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Honey bees are defensive creatures, defending home, babies, and food. While swarming, the bees have absolutely nothing to defend and are the most peaceful they will ever be.

Swarms are what we call Free Bees, free bees for us and No Charge for homeowners. Swarming is the natural reproduction of the honey bee colony. Typically, in the spring and summer months colonies will split, with half the bees leaving with the mother queen to find a new home. While looking for a new home the colony will take a break and cluster on a bush, tree, mailbox, or building. While the swarm is resting, scout bees (bee realtors) are out searching for the colony’s new home. While this is happening, we can easily capture the colony and set up a new hive. It is interesting to watch and exciting for us to do. To see some of the swarms we have captured, visit our Photo Gallery.

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